Seamless Distributed Video Systems

A custom designed audio/video system tailored to your home/commercial needs. From home entertainment to your commercial needs we can install/integrate any system based on your exact wants and/or needs.

Residential Video Systems

Home Theatre/Media Rooms

Enjoy a professionally designed, installed and setup cinema theatre experience in the privacy of your own home.


  • Private
  • Sound Tuned To Your Home
  • Customizable

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Multi-Zone Audio

Seamlessly control the volume or video feed to your video or audio system with a single device. you can have as many or as little dedicated zones as you want. Areas like the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bonus room, garage, patio and more.


  • Stream Any Service to Any Room
  • No Quality Loss
  • Outdoor Options

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Video Matrix

Absolutely no need for any clunky or ugly equipment clogging up your living area. Using a video matrix you will be able to access and control devices including but not limited to: Cable(Telus/Shaw/More), Android TV, Apple TV, Bluray player, DVD player and more from any video device in the house.


  • Seamless Integration
  • One RF Controlled Remote(Multiple remotes optional)
  • No Quality Loss


Headend Racks

Store and control all devices from a single location. This location is always based on the preference of each client. The most common spot for this is in a mechanical room, closet or game room.


  • Unobtrusive
  • Temperature Controlled
  • All Devices in One Place

Commercial Video Systems

Business Rooms

We are able to facilitate all forms of business spaces including but not limited to: Boardrooms, Conference Rooms, Training Rooms and more.



Digital Signage

We can setup and install multiple displays for any situation. These displays can be used for anything from video feeds, advertising or even security systems.

Businesses We Work With

  • Corporate Offices
  • Campuses
  • Restaurants
  • Galleries
  • Retail
  • Salons/Barbershops

Multiple Control Devices

All of our integrated audio allows you to use multiple devices to control your home audio system.


Smart Watches

voice control

Smart Switches

Remote Controls