What is Home Automation or a Smart Home?

Home automation is a system of devices interconnected via wired or wireless connection to a central hub that can be controlled locally or remotely by the home owner. Whether you are home, at work, on vacation, you have full control over your entire home. Some devices that can be connected to the system are entertainment systems, lighting, security, climate control, sprinkler systems, or shades/blinds.

Home automation has come a long way in recent years and is now within reach of general consumers, not just commercial businesses. The cost for these systems has dropped drastically, and now almost anyone can attain a smart home while increasing the value of their home.

  • Audio Systems

    Speakers can be dispersed in each room and can be used via a smart phone or audio system. Whether you want to play audio in one room, three rooms or your entire house, it is a simple click away. These systems also work with popular apps like TuneIn Radio, Tidal, Spotify, Itunes, Sonos and many others.


  • Video Systems

    Video systems are prevalent, not only because of how seamless they are but how clean they can make your home entertainment system look. Devices like Apple TV, Android boxes, DVD/BluRay players, Xbox’s and computers can be allocated to your server room or wherever your hub is. These systems can be accessed from any room in the house that has an entertainment system, with a universal IP remote.


  • Home Theatres

    Imagine walking into a custom theatre in the privacy of your own home. Complete with a 100+ inch screen and 4k projector. Becoming immersed in a great movie, Sunday night football or even entertain the kids with some cartoons on the big screen. These theatres can vary from sectional to multi seating rooms complete with classic, comfy recliners. Let your entertainment dreams run wild with your private home theatre.


  • Beautiful personal home theatre

  • What is a Smart Switch?

    A smart switch is just like the well-known light switches the majority have, except you can control them remotely with your phone or even incorporate scenes to each designated button. For instance, in your media room, you could have, an all lights on button, a movie button, or any button you wish.


  • Wireless Control

    Smart lights can be controlled locally or remotely. This means whether you are at home, work or on vacation, you can have control of your homes entire lighting system.


  • Remote Control

    Do you think you left the lights on at home? Would you like specific lighting when you wake up or get home from work automatically? If so, smart lighting is for you. The system can automatically track daily activities and based on those control the lighting in your home. This can also be beneficial if you are on vacation and would like to make it look like there are still occupants in the house. This is called Mockupancy, which can be setup with your new system to automatically program the system based on your daily activities. The system can also be setup manually to your liking via your smart phone.


  • Motion Control

    Using motion sensors lighting can turn on/off when you enter or leave a room without you having to control any of it. This feature can also be incorporated with any of your other automated devices.


  • How Do Automated Shades/Blinds Work?


    Along with your air conditioning and heating systems, automated blinds can increase your energy efficiency. While away from home you can have your shades closed to keep the sun out and the cool air inside. Each shade can also be controlled manually using your smart phone. These shades are excellent for creating that elegant, luxurious ambiance anyone would love in their home.


  • What is Automated Climate Control?

    We all want to be comfortable in our own home. Having your home at the perfect temperature can be hard to control. Using automation and multiple sensors, each room will always be at your ideal temperature. This temperature can also be automated to be changed when the system knows you are not home, making your house more energy efficient and saving you money. You may also control the temperature manually from anywhere with your mobile phone.


  • How Can We Make Your Home Network Better?

    We know that sometimes your wifi signal just isn’t what you want it to be in certain parts of your house. We can help you not only achieve maximum signal but show you how to get the most speed out of your current service.


  • What is a Automated Security?

    There are many options for security systems including but not limited to locks, door/window sensors, video systems and more. All of these devices can be connected and controlled by your mobile device. Forgot to lock the doors when you left for vacation? With one click you can lock down your entire home and activate your security system.


  • Remote Security Alerts

    These security systems can also send you alerts when someone enters your house. The system can also be setup to send you alerts when your children arrive safely home from school every day. This is one of the many home security functions that can be included in your automated security system.


  • Can Sprinklers be Integrated and Controlled?

    Having a great lawn is your chance at a great first impression to anyone visiting your home. Take out the work and worry of watering your lawn by implementing an automated system. This automated system will also use the weather in your local area to determine the best times to water your lawn. Conserving water and keeping your costs for that perfect lawn to a minimum.


We hope our services guide has explained what home automation is and what it can do for you and your home. Keep in mind that not all home automation systems are alike. If you have any further questions we would be glad to answer them for you. Please feel free to contact us or start Planning your Project.