Custom Home Theatres

It's time to transform the way you watch movies at home. No need to purchase tickets, wait in line or purchase over priced popcorn. Enjoy the full cinema experience from the comfort of your own home with the entire family.


Immerse yourself in high definition projection solutions that bring your theatre to life. Exceptional image quality, brightness, versatility and very easy to use.


  • 4k, 1080p, HDR Options
  • True-to-Life Colours
  • Colour-Rich Performance


OLED-LED Displays

Bring your TV experience back to life with the latest and greatest displays. Give you true high definition with the most vibrant colours. Enjoy the thinnest and lightest tvs that will compliment your living space.


  • 4k, 1080p, Curved Options
  • Brilliant Colours
  • Aesthetically Pleasing

Large Format Screens

Get crystal clear video quality on the biggest displays on the market. Have your choice of a motorized roller screen that hides discretely in the ceiling or a fixed screen mounted to the wall.



Luxury Cinema Seating

Our home cinema seats are designed, customized and manufactured with the finest materials. Each home theatre is made to order and always one of a kind. Every detail our seating is attentively assembled and installed, creating the comfort and enjoyment every private home theatre should have.


  • Customizable From The Ground Up
  • Multiple Feature Options
  • Multiple Fabric/Leather Options

Multiple Control Devices

All of our integrated audio allows you to use multiple devices to control your home audio system.


Smart Watches

voice control

Smart Switches

Remote Controls