Automated/Manual Blinds & Shades

Your shades should not only compliment your lifestyle but should help you save money too.

Types of Shades We Can Automate

Roller Shades

Roman Shades

Cellular Shades

Sheer Shades


Highlight Shades

What Are The Benefits of Automated Shades/Blinds?


Motorized blinds or shades are the height of convenience when it comes to your home. Your shades will be smart enough to open and close on their own to control the climate in your home without you having to do anything. Saving you money on your energy bills. No longer do you have to worry about hanging string dangers with your children, reaching into awkward places to lower or raise your blinds, or even have to grab that step stool to get to those high shades. We can even integrate motorized shades in those out of reach spots.



Preset Shades

Get rid of that constant glare that bothers you everyday at 7:30 by having preset shade levels at specific times. Have your shades and lights compliment each other. Creating the perfect lighting throughout your home at all times.


  • Customizable Presets
  • Control 1 or Several Shades at Once
  • Perfect Lighting at All Times

Scene Settings

Whether you are having breakfast, watching tv or having a party, there is a scene for that. With the touch of a button on a smart device or smart switch you can set the scene. With that one click your lighting, shades, music and more can be set to the levels you want based on each scene you have setup.



Child Safety

Whether you have children or have guests with children safety is always a concern. No more do you have to worry about kids playing with those dangling strings that can be so dangerous with a curious child.


  • No Dangling Strings/Rope
  • Less Risk of Children Being Harmed

Home Security

A lot of homeowners do not usually relate blinds/shades to home security. However with the added value of the Mockupancy feature your system is able to control blinds/shades while you are not home to ward off any criminals. During a break-in your system can be set to automatically turn on all of your lights, open all of your shades and notify authorities. All of this without you have to do anything but keep your family safe.



Solar Heat Gain

Earth receives a ton of solar energy directly from the sun. The term solar heat gain is used as a measurement to determine the temperature increase in a space, object or structure from solar radiation. In the summer this type of heat is unwanted in your home as it would increase power consumption. Window coverings are a great way to keep these types of temperature increases at bay. For colder climates or winters it is also your window coverings job to keep your heat inside your home. This is called thermal heat loss(R-Value).

3 Ways It Saves You Money

  • Reduces The Heat Flowing through the windows.
  • Control Solar Heat Gain by allowing it in winter but reducing it in summer.
  • Enhanced Daylighting(use of natural light) by diffusing and dispersing sunlight deep into a room reducing the need for energy consumption.


What is R-Value?

R-Value stands for Resistance Value. Which is the measure of thermal resistance, aka heat loss. This measurement is mainly used in the building and construction industry. However as a home owner it is a great thing to know. The higher the R-Value the less heat is lost. Spaces like attics and roofs usually have the highest value around 30 and modern homes have walls with around 19. Windows however have an R-value of around 2, depending on the window. As you can see, a lot of heat can escape through your windows.


  • Average Wall: R-Value = 19
  • Average Attic: R-Value = 30
  • Average Window: R-Value = 2
  • Shades Can Provide Up To 4 R-Value To Windows

Multiple Control Devices

All of our integrated audio allows you to use multiple devices to control your home audio system.


Smart Watches

voice control

Smart Switches

Remote Controls