Security System Automation

Keep your family and your home safe at all times, whether you are at home or away. Automation can set your security system apart and keep you safer than ever.

Doorbell Camera

With doorbell cameras you can easily see who is at your door from a touch panel or your smart device. You are even able to talk to them or open the door from anywhere in the world.


  • See Who Is At Your Door From Anywhere
  • Connect To Multiple Smart Devices
  • Recording Options

Security Cameras

Seamlessly control the video feed or volume to your security system with a single device. You can have as many or as little dedicated security cameras as you want. Areas like the front door, backyard, garage, kitchen, patio and more.


NVR (Network Video Recorder)

Record and store all of you security footage in a safe and secure place. You will have access to your NVR from any device that is setup to control, monitor and replay footage.


  • Local or Cloud Based Storage Available
  • Easily Playback Footage
  • Tamper Proof


Door Locks

Never be worried if you forgot to lock the doors again. With door lock automation you can simply check and control your locks from any smart device. These locks can also be unlocked using a custom keypad code or a key.


  • Multiple Colour/Material Options Available
  • Multiple Styles Available
  • Integrates With Automation and Security


Security System Integration

If you have an existing security system we are able to integrate it with your home automation system. This will allow you to control and monitor your security system from your smart device anywhere in the world.


  • Control or Monitor with Any Smart Device
  • Access From Anywhere in The World
  • Instant Alerts


Knowing where and when a break-in occurs is half the battle. We can have a small sensor installed on each window/door or motion sensors throughout the house. If a window/door is opened or motion sensor triggered, you can easily determine which window/door was opened from your smart device or wall mounted touch pad. These motion sensors can also integrate with you automation system to automatically turn on lights, music, video and more.


  • Small and Unobtrusive
  • Can Be Integrated With Most Windows
  • Inexpensive Safety



Bring safety and security to your home while you are away. Mockupancy allows you to setup your system to record a day or more of your home automation activities. Based on this recording you are given the option have the system play these recordings back while you are outside the home, say on a vacation. This system is proven to fend off criminals, believing you are still at home when you are not.


  • Easy To Implement
  • Starts Automatically with Security System
  • Set and Forget

Multiple Control Devices

All of our integrated audio allows you to use multiple devices to control your home audio system.


Smart Watches

voice control

Smart Switches

Remote Controls