Automated Climate Control

Maximize the comfort in your home, while saving money with your automated climate controlled system.


The majority of thermostats are designed to compliment your heating and cooling system. A programmable thermostats allows you or us to design your system around you and your lifestyle. This will create maximum comfort and savings within your home.


  • Set and Forget
  • Maximum Convenience and Savings
  • Integrates with Your Blinds/Shades and Security


Wireless Control

Easily set event based air cleaning from any smart device. This feature is great if you or a family member suffers from asthma, allergies or a any respiratory issues. Remove stale, stagnant or even contaminated air from your home, straight from you mobile phone. Set and control humidity without being home, easily. You can also remotely control the temperature in your home while you are away.


  • Event Based Air Cleaning
  • Control Humidity
  • Monitor and Control While Away


Not everything digital has to become more complicated. If you are looking to move away from your mechanical thermostat and have pinpoint accuracy when it comes to temperature. Then a simple digital thermostat is for you. Known for their ease of use, these are some of the most popular choices.


  • Out-of-The-Box Integration
  • Easy to Use
  • Pinpoint Accuracy

Zoned Temperature Control

Controlling your entire home with one light switch wouldn’t make sense would it? Controlling the temperature of your entire home from one location does not make sense either. Utilizing multiple sensors the temperature can be monitored for each room. This will creating maximum comfort for each and every room in your home.


Energy Savings

Save up to $94 per year*, just by switching your thermostat. Having a programmable thermostat not only gives you the ability to set the room/homes temperature, but also allows your system to integrate with other things like your blinds/shades and even the weather. This would not only make your house more comfortable but also a lot more efficient.
*according to Nest’s calculator


  • Save Money
  • Minimal Setup
  • Easy to Integrate


Shades/Blinds Integration

Using your shades/blinds, the natural energy from the sun and your automation system. You can maximize your energy savings without ever having to control anything yourself. Using automation your climate control, shades and sensors can work as a team to not only make your house comfortable but to create a comfortable, energy efficient home.


  • Easy to Implement
  • Automatic Options
  • Incorporates With Security System

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Multiple Control Devices

All of our integrated audio allows you to use multiple devices to control your home audio system.


Smart Watches

voice control

Smart Switches

Remote Controls